Bonfanti Borse

Bonfanti Borse

Bonfanti Borse was founded in 1945 by husband and wife team, Ermogene and Anita Bonfanti. In their small artisan workshop, the couple dedicated their days to carefully crafting practical yet elegant designs for men. By the 1950's, Bonfanti Borse had become a growing success which spurred the duo on to create their first collection of bags for women.

During the 1960's Ermogene and Anita’s sons, Angelo and Terenzo, joined the business. They brought a more contemporary approach to the design of Bonfanti Borse bags allowing them to market and distribute overseas.

After 70 years the family are still working together to create designer bags that appeal to all personalities across the globe. Modern style is combined with the ‘all important’ Italian stamp of design, passion and quality resulting in beautiful eye catching pieces and a ready demand for their products.

Bonfanti Borse are members of Aimpes (Association of Leather Manufacturers), an organisation supporting the traditional methods of the Italian leather trade.

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